The Agape, AK-2750 Sneaker

Hi Everyone,

I first had the inspiration to create a sneaker from Adidas in 2020, during a competition. Though I was not granted the opportunity I was encouraged by my sister to create the sneaker on my own. This sneaker was not only the catalyst for my first sneaker product, but also the Agape brand that we have today. Sometimes failure isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it's really what you need to start something new. 

The AK-2750 is the first shoe under Agape and my company Ashley Kay Design. We currently have a limited number of pair for family only, but plan to sell the sneakers starting in 2022 with a sustainable pre-order model that will make sure we cut down on waste and overstock. More to come soon. This sneaker is only the beginning...


With Love,

Ashley Kay Design



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