Agape Sample Season, Summer 2021

I started a brand named Agape this past summer (2021). Agape means "The highest form of love; unconditional love".

The Agape patch is a symbol of faith (gold), hope(pink), and love(green). Represented in a Chenille fabric, it is placed stylishly on each article of clothing. I wanted to create a symbol that resonates with the majority and believe the shape (oval), colors and simple style reflect this.

My mission was to get as many people I knew or could reach, free merchandise samples of their choice.

Before I started to take sample requests, I made clothing for myself to test the quality. Each piece was hand-selected and worn so that I would not have more than I needed. Sustainability is something I want to always remember when designing so, I never ordered more than I needed.

From there, I spread the word to those I knew and sourced their size, color, figure; to match a relevant garment for them to wear. I started to give quality samples to friends and family from across the US and even some friends (and new ones I made along the process) from overseas. Countries I've shipped to so far have been to Algeria, India, and Greece (a very special place in this Brand's heart given our name is Greek). We have loved and have put thought into each piece of clothing given to each of our lovely friends and family. We hope they receive a greater faith in the most positive God-given exchange, that is "giving".

Agape Always,

Ashley Kay Design

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